EMEC Ecology and EMEC Land Management have worked together on water vole trapping and translocation projects. The team are skilled and knowledgeable in the installation of water vole proof fencing (for keeping water voles out of an area, or for keeping them within an area). The team are experienced in positioning and setting water vole traps, and in handling the animals when they are caught. On projects requiring a licence from Natural England, the EMEC Ecology team are able to secure these for our clients. On some projects, water voles may need to be kept in captivity until works are complete and then released into an agreed receptor site; should this be the case, EMEC can work with certified organisations that are able to keep water voles in captivity.

EMEC Land Management can also offer habitat creation services, to prepare the release site, and are able to see through the whole of the mitigation process. We work to a high standard, ensuring works follow strict biosecurity and animal welfare guidance.

Our colleagues at EMEC Ecology are able to carry out water vole surveys should these be required.

Water vole ready for translocation

Water Vole Ready for Translocation

Water vole ready for release

Water Vole Ready for Release