EMEC Land Management has extensive experience of habitat management including medium and large scale vegetation and scrub removal. Our team have the skills and experience to undertake removal of material with minimal disturbance to wildlife and surrounding habitats.


Barrow Hills SSSI Scrub Clearance

Barrow Hills SSSI is an old sand quarry managed by Natural England. It comprises species rich grassland and scrub on free draining sands as well as sandy heath. The grasslands were being encroached upon by ash and hawthorn, and the ecological value of the SSSI was being impacted. EMEC Land Management were contracted to fell and remove a percentage of the ash, hawthorn and sycamore in order to open up more areas for grassland, and brush-cut the lower grasslands where the encroachment of bramble was considered a problem. As the works were carried within a SSSI, particular care was required at all stages of the project.

Scrub clearance at Barrow Hill

Scrub clearance at Barrow Hill.

Cleared scrub ready for removal from site

Cleared scrub ready for removal from site.