Temporary Amphibian Fencing and Reptile Fencing

EMEC Land Management have undertaken both large and small scale newt fencing and reptile fencing projects across England. The team can design and install a number of different types of fencing to meet your project's needs, be this temporary amphibian fencing (TAF), semi-permanent amphibian fencing or permanent amphibian fencing.

Recent temporary amphibian fencing projects in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, have also involved pitfall trapping for great crested newts. Pitfall trapping and amphibian fencing projects are undertaken in conjunction with the EMEC Ecology team.

Reptile species sometimes require removal from a site in conjunction with great crested newts. On other sites, reptiles are the key animals requiring protection. In both cases EMEC Land Management can install slightly higher, reptile proof fencing, to allow safe capture of snakes and lizards. Recent reptile fencing projects have taken place in Shropshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

We are also able to design and construct ponds in order to relocate amphibians, away from construction works and development sites and construct hibernacula to provide over-wintering sites.

If you require a quotation for temporary amphibian fencing or reptile fencing please send an email to us at mail@emec-ecology.co.uk including any site plans that you have available (or details and photographs of the site if applicable) with details of the proposed development, along with your name and contact details. Should you wish to contact us at the office please call 0115 964 4828.

The ecology team are able to carry out great crested newt surveys and reptile surveys should these be required for a site you are working on.

Temporary newt and reptile fencing
Temporary amphibian fencing Warwickshire