Working with EMEC Ecology, our highly experienced team can provide badger sett closures (both permanently or just temporary while development works take place) as well as construction of artificial badger setts (as alternative homes for badgers). Badgers are a protected species, under the Badger Protection Act 1992 (as amended), and as such works to a badger sett must be carried out under a licence from Natural England. Sett closure will normally only be permitted when there is no possible alternative to damaging or disturbing a badger sett.

Experience gained from the undertaking of many sett closures over the years has allowed EMEC to perfect the process of installing one-way badger gates (essentially giant cat-flaps), and ensuring the chance of badgers digging back into the sett is low. EMEC uses strong wire mesh across the ground around the sett entrances to prevent badgers attempting to dig back into a sett.

Once the one-way badger gates have been installed, EMEC Land Management work with the ecologists at EMEC Ecology to monitor the closed sett for a period of 21 days. Once the ecologists are satisfied that no badgers remain in the sett, it can be removed and works can begin on site.

The Land Management team can create artificial badger setts when it is considered the loss of the sett being closed is likely to negatively impact the badger clan.

To request a more detailed Badger Sett Closure information sheet, please email

The ecology team are able to carry out badger surveys should one be required.