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Habitat Creation

  • Wetland creation including ponds and wet scrapes
  • Hedgerow planting and laying
  • Tree and woodland planting
  • Wildflower meadow creation
  • Installation of paths, fencing and signage
  • Installation of bat, bird and invertebrate boxes
  • Artificial badger setts
  • Artificial otter holts
  • Hibernacula
  • Fish passes

Ecological Mitigation

  • Installation of temporary amphibian and reptile fencing
  • Trapping and translocation of amphibians and reptiles
  • Trapping and translocation of water voles
  • Invasive plants control (e.g. Japanese knotweed)
  • Translocation of notable plants
  • Badger sett closures

Habitat Management

  • Wetland management including dredging and pond enhancements
  • Tree felling and tree management
  • Vegetation and scrub clearance
  • Grassland management and restoration
  • Post-creation habitat management